Toyota RAV4 – a car for both young and old drivers

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Toyota RAV4 – a car for both young and old drivers


When it comes to classifying cars, people have the tendency to state that some models are designed for old people and others for young ones. But would it not be great to buy a car that is great for both your parents and you? In this way, you will not feel ashamed when you will want to go out with your friends, and take you parents’ minivan. You will be driving a car that will impress not only by its look, but also with its features. If you have no idea, what car we are talking about, you should know that Edmunds claims that Toyota RAV4 is the perfect car no matter the generation you are part of. Toyota RAV4 is the new hybrid, the company launched on the market, and from the tests, it seems that it will have a lot of success, no matter the age of the drivers.

How it acts when confronted with bad weather?

Every driver is worried to hit the road when the weather is bad. However, if you buy this AWD vehicle, then you will receive a boost of confidences, because you will know that you will enjoy the ride, no matter what the weather report states. You will be able to be ahead of the weather and get to your destination in safety conditions. RAV4 acts amazing even on snow, so you can drive to the mountainside in the cold season, without having to worry that you will get stuck. If safety is what you are looking for, then this car is excellent for you.

What it brings new?

This new Toyota has a completely changed look, when compared with the other models from the same manufacturer. It is a small SUV, but it features a bold look, and this offers it a better position on the market. It is a great competitor for the Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-5. The current models has a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder motor, and it comes with 176 horsepower. It is not a racecar, but it has 0 to 60 time of 9 seconds. And where you count that the manufacturer added it a six-speed transmission. This type of vehicle is fun to drive by people of all ages, because it is easily to maneuver in any situation, and you will feel comfortable and safe. If you opt for the limited edition, then it will come with leather seats. The choice is up to you.