The complete floristry kit every beginner should have

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The complete floristry kit every beginner should have

If you are interested in starting a business as a florist, you should know there are several essential tools that should not miss from your beginner kit. Working with top quality tools is mandatory if you want to deliver your customers with beautifully embellished flowers and bouquets. One of the things that should be included on your list is ribbons, so if you are interested in floristry ribbons UK companies, all you have to do is some quick online research. Here is a complete list of floristry tools you need for your start-up business.


Florist knives

These are essential tools for a florist, as they help him or her to remove part of the flower’s stem when the head or bud is all the florist needs for that specific work. These bud knives are hand-sized and extremely easy to handle, not to mention that they cause little damage to the flower.


Every woman loves roses, this is for sure, yet those protruding thorns can ruin everything sometimes. This is why a florist should have a dethorner or rose stripper included in their tools kit. Whether you opt for one made out of plastic or metal, it comes in handy in every situation.


In order to create those astonishing flower bouquets, you need some decorating items and many florists are on the opinion that nothing can beat ribbons when it comes to this aspect. Taking into account the wide variety of ribbons available on the market, you do not have to worry about not finding the ones to perfectly fit with your needs and budget. Do some online research and look for the best ribbon company in the UK to benefit from top quality products and professional and fast delivery services. Make sure you have ribbons of different colours and materials in your stock.


In the floral world, a professional florist has two types of scissors that ease their job a lot: ribbon scissors and craft scissors. Craft scissors are known for their short blade and large grip, which provide controlled and precise cuts, whereas ribbon scissors have some odd-sized handles and larger blades.

Trimmers and secateurs

These tools are known by specialists as assorted shears and they are extremely helpful in cutting through flower stems as well as unwanted foliage. Compared to traditional scissors, these tools come with straight handles which allow you to perfectly cut several stems at a time.