Mobile entertainment: killing boredom with your phone

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Mobile entertainment: killing boredom with your phone


If you walk through the city streets for no more than ten minutes, you will notice that people waiting in line for coffee, waiting at the airport for their luggage or waiting in the subway station to get home, all of them or at least, the majority are staring down into their mobile phones. This makes the time pass faster and kills boredom when being inactive. Generally, those people answer messages and e-mails, check their friends’ Facebook profiles, navigate on the internet or play a video game. Yes, technology has seen such a great evolution that you no longer need a home console or a personal computer in order to play your favorite game. You can just do it when being on the road and feeling bored. Therefore, we can safely state that mobile entertainment gained significant popularity in the last years. Nevertheless, people approach this perquisite differently, which leads us to the next paragraph, where we discuss about the effects of mobile entertainment.

Mobile entertainment – is it good or bad?

We see mobile phones everywhere, with anyone. Should this reality concern us? Does mobile entertainment kill creativity and face-to-face communication between individuals? Some may answer “yes” and others “no” because people have mixed opinions regarding this subject. The correct answer probably lies somewhere in the middle. Mobile entertainment is harmful only if you exaggerate in this regard meaning that you prefer your phone to human contact, which practically translates into an addiction. On the other hand, if you use it moderately meaning that you only resort to it when you are alone and you cannot find other method that could help you get rid of boredom then it should not harm your creativity. Regardless of their effect on society, the truth is that mobile phones hold great importance and people will keep using them, moderately or excessively, for gaining knowledge in certain fields and broaden their horizons or for entertainment purposes, which refers to visiting social platforms or even online bingo sites.

Using your phone to kill time productively

How you ever thought about creating a projector by just using your phone? Well, you do need other items such as a box, duct tape, a magnifying glass and black paint, but your phone represents the most important one. You can watch the latest controversial movie while sitting comfortably in your own bed. Of course, you also need that quality sound meaning that you should connect those speakers lying around to your phone and watch the magic occur. The second way that you can use your phone productively is to explore different apps that could help you track your meals and improve your nutrition or manage your time more effectively. Mobile phones are packed with useful apps that sometime people ignore just because they prefer being on social media. The third method that mobiles phones provide great use is by allowing you to brainstorm freely. Like any other person, you have moments when you get bored and various thoughts invade your mind. Well, improve your creativity by using a drawing app or a text editor in order to bring your ideas to life.