Medical Adhesives: Why Quality Counts

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Medical Adhesives: Why Quality Counts


It’s probably fair to say that every time a custom adhesive product is ordered and used, its intended purpose is of some degree of importance. The reason being that if it wasn’t, chances are standard generic adhesives would be good enough.  But while all custom adhesive products may be used for important purposes, custom medical adhesives are in a league of their own.

Just as is the case with all other products, anything that is designed to be used in the medical setting needs to be manufactured to an entirely different standard. Health and safety is always an issue with custom adhesives in general, but takes on a whole new level of significance when created for medical use. Up and down the country, 3M preferred tape converters are producing all manner of innovative and advanced products for use in medical environments.  Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that all are performing to the same high-quality standards.

As such, it’s important to ensure that when you decide on a custom medical adhesive manufacturer to work with, they have a proven reputation for flawless performance.  In this niche in particular, there are so many reasons why quality counts – including but not limited to the following:

Health and hygiene

First up, there is absolutely no margin for error whatsoever when it comes to health and hygiene. The reason being that these are typically the kinds of products that are used as health and safety barriers in their own right. Suffice to say, it’s hard for an adhesive product to prevent infection and promote healing if it isn’t 100% hygienic itself. It’s for this precise reason that not all custom adhesive manufacturers are capable of delivering the goods when it comes to medical adhesives. Always check whether your chosen manufacturer has sufficient experience and expertise in this specific niche.

Bonds that work

It’s also important to focus on quality to ensure that medical adhesive products provide bonds that actually work. Custom adhesive products are of little to no value to anyone if they are unable to stick in place, as and when required.  Or for that matter, stick in place in the first instance, though quickly loosen and become detached. Medical adhesive products need to be manufactured in a manner which is both secure and gentle in equal measures – getting the job done, without causing unnecessary discomfort or irritation.

Quick and easy to apply

Speaking of which, the quicker and easier it is to apply these kinds of products when needed, the better. Those who work in healthcare and medical environments rarely have a great deal of time to play with at the best of times.  As such, anything that is likely to slow them down or cause further complications isn’t something that should be brought into the equation. One of the biggest benefits of ordering and working with custom adhesive products is that they can be made to suit just about any purpose imaginable. Which in turn makes them so much easier to work with – regardless of the intended purpose.

Affordable and reliable

While affordability will always be an important factor when ordering custom adhesive products, it needs to be considered in accordance with value for money.  The simple fact of the matter is that the cheapest adhesive products on the market don’t necessarily represent the best value for money. In fact, they very rarely do.  The lowest possible prices do not necessarily translate to good value, given the way in which the products may be substandard – perhaps even unusable.  So rather than instinctively going for whichever products are cheapest, consider which present the best possible value for money.

Advice, guidance and support

Last but not least, it’s also worth thinking a little further than the actual products themselves. One of the benefits of working with an outstanding service provider is the way in which they can offer essential advice and support along the way.  Along with providing you with the best possible products, they can help ensure that the products you choose are perfectly suited to their intended purpose.  Not to mention, also bring into your attention alternative and new options that may become available from time to time. Quality products are one thing, but advanced consultancy and expert guidance can be worth its weight in gold.  Even if it means paying a slightly higher price, what you get in return really is no less than priceless.