Hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking. Here’s why

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Hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking. Here’s why

Smoking is a potential fatal habit and quitting it is always difficult. It creates great dependency and it is one of the main causes of lung and several other cancers. Also, it leads to strokes and heart attacks, which are also known as some serious death causes. Thus you have all the reasons to quit smoking. However, how could one quit this habit if it’s so addictive? The answer is simple, since all habits have their source in our internal processes and brain chemistry. Thus, considering some sessions of hypnotherapy Birmingham might be the solution many are searching for.


Better than nicotine patches and chewing gum

While other solutions focus on physical aspects of nicotine addiction, hypnotherapy and hypnosis focus on the psychological part of this addiction. The basic principle behind this approach is diminishing the unhealthy thoughts and impulses and replacing them with more positive, less damaging ones. In many circumstances, the hypnotherapist might teach the patient a self-hypnosis technique, to use it in case the temptation of smoking occurs at some point. The principles behind hypnotherapy for quitting smoking are the following: smoking is poisoning your body, the body needs you to quit smoking is you want it healthy, and that for expanding your life expectancy you need to quit smoking. Thus, instead of investing in expensive so-called physical treatments, you should consider a more profound approach.

Smoking is a habitual, involuntary act

The act of smoking becomes oftentimes an involuntary one, as many have observed. Thus for treating this addiction it is necessary to find a deeper approach. Since physical therapies do not work, there is an answer in our deeper selves, and the answer can be unlocked with the help of a skilled hypnotherapist. And while many claim that smoking is an impulse to stressful situations and contexts, modelling the answer we have to these situations can be easily changed by using hypnotherapy.

This is how many succeed in treating their smoking addiction. There are many celebrities that treated their nicotine addiction with this technique, which is an undisputable proof that it works wonders. It can also be used for so many other purposes, such as losing weight. However, you must be careful when you choose the hypnotherapist you will collaborate with. Their approach impacts greatly the results one might have in the process.