How to succeed in metal detecting – keep these in mind

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How to succeed in metal detecting – keep these in mind

Many people are on the opinion that metal detecting is a complicated thing to do and that you need to have keen hearing in order to actually spot a treasure. Truth is things are not so complex at all and if you follow some simple steps that experts in the domain provide in this situation, you can definitely succeed in metal detecting. First and foremost, you have to read some detailed reviews and pay attention to metal finder ratings in order to know for sure which device best fits you. Here are more useful tips that can help you master metal detecting.

Select your first metal detector carefully

Well, the most important thing to do in order to succeed in metal detecting is to invest in a metal detector. However, selecting the first one implies a series of considerations in order to benefit from the best results and one of them is to opt for a gadget that fits your level of knowledge and experience. Worth mentioning is the fact that you can find on the market a certain type of metal detectors that are designed for beginners and other type that is more suitable for advanced people. If you used such a gadget in the past and you know a lot about metal detecting, then probably the best choice for you would be a professional detector, in order to help you take your hobby to a totally different level. Otherwise, select a beginner device that allows you learnt he first steps into this world.

Learn how to use the device

If you are a beginner in the metal detecting world and you have just bought your first gadget, then you need proper guidance in order to understand how you should use the detector. An essential thing to keep in mind is that you should swing the device rather slowly in order for the detector to have enough time “detect” the metal items underneath the ground surface. You should also swing it close to the ground, but without actually touching it. If you want to be able to hunt treasures on the beach or in places with shallow water, you should consider buying a waterproof metal detector.

You need proper digging equipment

The digging part is more complex than the majority of people think, because if you want to be successful in this domain, you need to have the right digging equipment and to know how to do it. Wandering the city carrying a big shovel with you is not the right answer, not only because it will make you feel ridiculous, but also because it is quite uncomfortable for you. Look for professional digging tools that have the right size and that are not a bargain to carry around from one place to another. Keep in mind that you should not leave any trace that you have been to a certain spot if you intend to return to that spot the following day for instance, be it at the beach or in the park, because other more experienced treasure hunters might see it as an opportunity to “steal” your treasures.