How to cheaply decorate a tiny kitchen

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How to cheaply decorate a tiny kitchen

When it comes to decorating, you are not always liable to spend a fortune on furniture and other decorations in order for your kitchen to come out as nice as possible. Moreover, it is sometimes better to cheaply decorate your kitchen, because you are not tempted to buy a lot of kitchen appliances that will eventually get to collect dust because they will not get to be used on a regular basis. By decorating your kitchen with a limited amount of money, you will for sure choose to buy only the kitchen essentials. Also, having a minimalist kitchen is better than having one where you can store a lot of things and completely forget to use some of them.


Make your kitchen greener

Be it tiny or not, every kitchen should have succulent plants because they add an extra boost of freshness to your place. Besides the fact that they look cute and are easy to grow, succulent plants are also amazing at removing toxins and cleansing the air. Also, they have the power to heal, they do not require a lot of water and can easily live anywhere, so, if you want to buy some plants for your home, consider choosing succulents. Moreover, if you want to make the flower pots look nicer, try wrapping some ribbon round the pots, because there are a lot of affordable ribbons you can choose from.


Create extra counter space

The key to having the perfect kitchen is to actually have enough space to store your non-perishable foods, such as canned goods, pasta, rice, oatmeal and other cereals, as well as peanut butter, ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, bottled water, and the list can go on. Moreover, when it comes to creating extra counter space for your kitchen, you have multiple options. For example, you can use pegboard storage, add a shelf to it and organize your jars of spices. Also, stackable baskets, cabinet organizers, packet holders, cookware racks or under shelf baskets are very useful when it comes to space-saving solutions.


Add multipurpose furnishings: a high breakfast bar

Installing a high breakfast bar is perfect for tiny kitchens because it can have multiple uses. So if you are tired of eating while standing over the kitchen sink, a high breakfast bar will for sure take care of that problem. Thus, you can use it for what it is meant for – a breakfast bar, but you can as well use it as a dinner table or as a bigger chopping board.