Decorations – the key of transforming a house into a home

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Decorations – the key of transforming a house into a home

A new house is like a blank canvas waiting for you to paint on it. You are the one who is transforming your house into your home, so make sure that the things you are bringing inside totally represent your style. The first thing you have to do when buying a house is to decide in which colour you want to paint the walls and what furniture is suitable to your style. After totally furnishing your house, and installing all the appliances, comes the hard part, when you have to find the suitable decorations for completing the look. In this case, there are some difficulties, because not only that there are hundreds of decorations in every store, but they are listed at huge prices and you do not afford to buy them. Here are some DIY projects, which would help you decorate your house on a budget and transform it in your home.


Colourful curtains for a cosy bedroom

Curtains are the key when you want to transform a cold room into a cosy space, but if you do not have money to buy come colourful ones, you can invest in some wholesale ribbons and create the curtains by yourself. You have two options, you can either buy ribbons in different colours, hang them from the ceiling for creating the impression of a stripped curtain, or buy some nude sheer, and tie pieces of colourful ribbon on it. You can even braid the stripes of ribbon in the curtains fabric if you want to create a patterned look.

A wall size watch with a family twist

If you have one of the walls of the house dyed in a nude colour, and you do not feel comfortable to stay in a room with an emptiness vibe, then you can invest your energy in a functional and emotional project. You should pick 12 pictures with your family, and glue them on the wall in a circle. Then you can create a watch mechanism, and place it in the middle on the circle. In this way, you would never be late, because the huge watch on your wall would keep you alert, and you would feel close to your family, no matter how far away you are.

Unique flower holders

If you are a flower lover, you can tie some ribbon strings around some bottles and create unique vases for being placed around the house. Choose nude tones if you want the flowers to be the centre of attention, or colourful ones if you want to use the bottles as standing decorations.