Check the latest accessories trends

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Check the latest accessories trends

New year, new accessories. 2018 is here and you should be happy because you have the chance to make new investments when it comes to clothes, shoes, and accessories. Thus, do not waste any minute and start searching for the most fashionable types of accessories. Check it twice in order to make sure that you have included everything.


#1 Curly ribbons

If you do not believe us, check the latest trends. The curly ribbon is one the of most important choices this year, due to its great advantages: their versatility, their friendly models, their high-quality fabrics.

But the greatest dilemma is: how can you use curly ribbons? It is simpler than you imagine. These accessories can be included everywhere, starting with decorations and ending with outfits. For example, use ribbons for getting rid of that dull lamp from your living-room. Also, add some ribbons on your curtains and transform the room into a fancy space. When it comes to outfits, you can add ribbons everywhere: from your favourite skirts and dresses to your shoes and trousers.

#2 Dots… funny little dots

Designers say that 2018 is about nonconformist. So, tell us: are you ready for wearing dots in a nonconformist way? The accessories which include dots are a great choice for both girls and women without looking too childish. Also, do not forget about clothes. The polka dots dresses, for example, are going to be a great sensation this spring and summer, especially for those women who love a vintage pin-up style.

#3 Velvet is the new “must”

You cannot attend an elegant party without at least one velvet accessory. Think about those cute little velvet bracelets that can make your outfit look out of the ordinary. What is more, if you have a boyfriend and he likes accessorising his elegant suit with bows, you can ask him to go for velvet too. Matching outfits are a hot choice this year for cute couples.

#4 Tiny sunglasses – ready to impress

Despite protection, sunglasses are also some of the most attractive accessories for women. According to latest trends, micro frames are going to rock this summer. Also, you can go for neon-edged shapes because they are also a fancy choice. Be careful to match the sunglasses with the rest of the outfit. On the other hand, take into consideration that the shape of your face is that one that indicates the type of sunglasses that fit you best.