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Why you should buy wholesale ribbons when owning a handmade business

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Why you should buy wholesale ribbons when owning a handmade business

Many people own a handmade business nowadays. What first started as a weekend activity or as a hobby has now become a real business. However, it is quite a challenge to compete against other business owners operating in the same industry. Ribbons can play a very important role in marketing the business, yet selecting the right provider, especially when you are on a tight budget can be daunting. It is best to buy wholesale ribbons UK though than going for smaller quantities and here are the reasons why this is a better option.


You save money by buying wholesale

Believe it or not, buying wholesale ribbons can actually save you a great deal of money. Most ribbon providers have better prices when selling wholesale and they actually encourage customers to buy ribbons in higher quantities.

Your stocks are secured

By buying wholesale your stocks will be secured for a longer period and you do not have to worry that you are running low on a specific type of ribbon when you most need it. Use ribbons to embellish your handmade products and to make them more appealing to the eye.

You can opt for bespoke ribbons

If you need a specific type of ribbon that has a certain message written on them, look for a ribbon store that is willing to provide you with bespoke products. Keep in mind though that chances for you to benefit from custom-made ribbons are much higher if you order in wholesale quantity than if you opt for retail for instance. Most providers will only sell bespoke ribbons if the order comes in higher quantity.

Find a reliable ribbon provider

Just as in the case of handmade businesses, competition is extremely high among ribbon providers. Each of them is trying to gain potential customers’ attention through various offers and competitive prices. It is recommended you do your research well and have some well-established criteria in your mind. The types of ribbons available for sale, the delivery time and the price are only three of the most essential aspects worth considering. Ask your friends or relatives, read reviews and testimonials online to find out what other customers have to say about ribbon providers and select the one that best fits your budget and needs.

All in all, these are the reasons why buying wholesale ribbons is by far the best option for handmade business owners who want to succeed in this competitive industry.

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How to Stop a Spiralling Alcohol Problem

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How to Stop a Spiralling Alcohol Problem


There is a big and important difference between having the desire to stop drinking alcohol a little and arriving at the conclusion you have a serious problem and must regain control. Local alcohol rehab clinics will be likely not needed yet, but could eventually become quite necessary if you carry one living the same way. Having a good time represents one thing but actually becoming aware you have begun drinking alcohol habitually and compulsively in spite of not getting much joy out of it represents another thing entirely.

On a positive note, it has certainly never been easier to adopt a brand new and proactive approach to the subject, without the real need for professional help. Seeking the advice of the experts is always a sensible idea when one realises they have a problem, but there’s also so much one could do on their own to bring an alcohol habit under control.

So if you have made the firm decision to win back control of your health and wellbeing, here is a short overview of several useful tips from the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse:

1 – Be Clear About Your Goals

First and foremost, it would be considerably easier to stick to your plans if you first make the effort to determine your goals clearly and carefully. It could be as simple as outlining how many glasses of alcohol you allow yourself every day or every week, or perhaps the amount of money you can allocate on alcohol for some time period. Ensure your goals are placed prominently so you can see them on a regular basis and keep them in mind. Additionally, it is also crucial to ensure the goals you have selected are realistic and are revisited every now and then.

2 – Write a Diary

As it is with many things, it’s really not until you start writing down every glass of alcohol you consume that you start realising how many in fact you’re drinking in a set period of time. It is certainly common for most adults to forget precisely how many drinks they had during a given night or dat. This can be easily helped by keeping a diary and consulting it after a month or so. Needless to say, you may be in for some shock!

3 – Assign a Budget

As mentioned above, it can be very helpful to assign a specific amount of money every week and month to alcohol, ensuring that you never exceed the limit. A significant deal of willpower will be needed and the whole idea should not come down to spending the allocated budget on buying the cheapest drinks in huge quantities. When the idea is approached proactively though, it has the very real potential to become a hugely effective approach.

4 – Try to Drink Slowly

Another beneficial approach in terms of considerably reducing your alcohol consumption is to break the habit of drinking too quickly. This basically means to try to pace yourself by timing yourself – allocating one drink every hour or an alternative time period that you consider to be appropriate. Additionally, it’s crucial to never consume drinks in rounds as this would mean you are drinking at the pace of someone else and not your own.

5 – Have a Bite

We can give you two excellent reasons why it is so crucial to ensure you eat well before and during having some alcoholic drinks. The first is explained by the way the fuller your stomach happens to be, the less space there is for any drinks. The second is about scientific research which has shown that drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is directly associated with affecting negatively the brain part responsible for rational decision-making and restraint.

6 – Recognise Your Triggers

Everybody has their own specific triggers in terms of the activities and things that encourage consuming alcohol. Some of the basic examples include music festivals, pub visits, concerts and so on. In other instances it could be something as simple as meeting with certain people, watching a certain movie or listening to specific songs. Once you recognise your unique triggers, it is then a simple case of ensuring you have control over your exposure to these activities and things at all times, thus having control on how much you drink.

7 – Try Something New

Last up, another effective way of cutting down on your alcohol consumption is to find an activity that can provide you with more pleasure than drinking alcohol. Very often, it’s not until you have stayed sober for some time that you realise how fun and enjoyable life could be when there is no alcohol involved. Try something you haven’t tried before with friend or family, perhaps also encouraging them to forego alcohol at the same time as you.

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Things to know about astrologers and astrology readings

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Things to know about astrologers and astrology readings

The uncertainty of the future or certain challenges you might confront yourself throughout your life with are things that might affect your happiness and tranquillity. However, whenever you are having difficulties, you can resort to astrology for answers. There are many reputable astrologers out there who can help you obtain new perspectives, find out what the future holds or understand why certain things might not be going so well in your life. If you are interested in this topic and want to find out more, read the following information. Here are the most important things to know about astrology readings:


Vocational answers

One of the main reasons why many people choose to see an astrologer is to find answers regarding their career. There are many vocational difficulties that might arise in the life of an individual, and without receiving the right guidance, managing to overcome those difficulties will be hard. Astrology will provide you with answers regarding any career questions you might have, either why your profession does not bring you satisfaction, or why you have not managed to achieve success with your business, and many other concerns you might be dealing with.

Relationship guidance

Regardless if it is a parental, romantic or professional relationship, astrological readings can help you learn how to connect with the other person and how to improve these chapters of your life. Although an astrologer will not be able to tell you with whom you should or should not have personal, social or professional connections, they will help you understand what exactly has influenced the ups and downs of your interpersonal relationships. Perhaps you are looking for a partner, and are having difficulties finding the right one, or you are having communication issues with your spouse. Well, an astrology reading will tell you what the future might hold for you in terms of relationships, and how you should balance these connections in a positive way (how to avoid or to overcome relationship challenges).

Making important life decision

Being put in a situation where you have to make some life-changing choices is not at all comfortable. Perhaps you need to decide if you should relocate to a foreign country, or you do not know if buying a property is a wise choice, or you might even feel uncertain regarding making a change in your marital status. Regardless of what big choice is lying in front of you, making a decision is never easy. Well, an astrology reading can help you choose what is best for you, and a specialist will be able to advise you in the right direction.

Although many people are sceptical when it comes to astrology and what it has to offer, until you visit an astrologer yourself, you will not be able to find out the truth. The aspects mentioned above are only a few benefits of an astrology reading, but there are many more that an individual has the chance of experiencing. If the topic has caught your interest, and you want to discover this practice yourself, then look for a reputable astrologer on the internet, and book yourself a session.

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Ideas for making the best presents for your family members

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Ideas for making the best presents for your family members

Christmas is very close now and you should start thinking to make some special presents for your family members because this is the best part of any holiday. Offering gifts is something that can be good for you too. Not just the person who receives a gift should be very happy, but also the person who offers because it is an amazing feeling when you know that you made someone happy. This is why everybody loves Christmas so much, considering the fact that people become better in this season. However, some people believe that this is possible only for rich persons, but this is not true because it is not necessary to buy something very expensive. The idea is to offer something with love, not to spend a fortune on a present. You shouldn’t appreciate more a present that is expensive, because it should be more special to receive a gift that was made with love and passion. Don’t forget to use some cheap organza bags because they can make gifts look prettier. You can buy them from the internet because you can choose from a variety of models.


Which is the best present for your children?

If you want to make some presents for your children, you should know that it is very important to offer them something useful because it is not good to spend too much money on something that it is not useful. However, if you want to make them very happy, don’t forget that you can impress them if you put the Christmas presents in a special bag that looks like Santa’s sack. Many parents like to buy festive clothes or some costumes that remind of Christmas, like elf or snowman costumes. These presents will be so funny and interesting for you and for your children at the same time. If you feel that you have inspiration, you can do it yourself too if you know how to sew and if you have enough time of course.

Why personalized Christmas bags are so popular

If you didn’t heard about personalized Christmas bags, you should know that it is very popular to order some bags for your kids. They will be impressed to see that their name is written on the bag with some special characters or that Santa wrote a message on it. It is wonderful to feel that the magic is everywhere and to see that your children are so happy and amused. The design of the bag can be very special because you can choose to print a colorful Christmas image with a tree in the middle or maybe a winter wonderland. It is your choice, but you won’t fail because every image looks good.

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Decorations – the key of transforming a house into a home

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Decorations – the key of transforming a house into a home

A new house is like a blank canvas waiting for you to paint on it. You are the one who is transforming your house into your home, so make sure that the things you are bringing inside totally represent your style. The first thing you have to do when buying a house is to decide in which colour you want to paint the walls and what furniture is suitable to your style. After totally furnishing your house, and installing all the appliances, comes the hard part, when you have to find the suitable decorations for completing the look. In this case, there are some difficulties, because not only that there are hundreds of decorations in every store, but they are listed at huge prices and you do not afford to buy them. Here are some DIY projects, which would help you decorate your house on a budget and transform it in your home.


Colourful curtains for a cosy bedroom

Curtains are the key when you want to transform a cold room into a cosy space, but if you do not have money to buy come colourful ones, you can invest in some wholesale ribbons and create the curtains by yourself. You have two options, you can either buy ribbons in different colours, hang them from the ceiling for creating the impression of a stripped curtain, or buy some nude sheer, and tie pieces of colourful ribbon on it. You can even braid the stripes of ribbon in the curtains fabric if you want to create a patterned look.

A wall size watch with a family twist

If you have one of the walls of the house dyed in a nude colour, and you do not feel comfortable to stay in a room with an emptiness vibe, then you can invest your energy in a functional and emotional project. You should pick 12 pictures with your family, and glue them on the wall in a circle. Then you can create a watch mechanism, and place it in the middle on the circle. In this way, you would never be late, because the huge watch on your wall would keep you alert, and you would feel close to your family, no matter how far away you are.

Unique flower holders

If you are a flower lover, you can tie some ribbon strings around some bottles and create unique vases for being placed around the house. Choose nude tones if you want the flowers to be the centre of attention, or colourful ones if you want to use the bottles as standing decorations.

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The Difference Between Alcohol Dependency and Alcohol Abuse

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The Difference Between Alcohol Dependency and Alcohol Abuse

If you’re in need to be helped by the UK’s leading local alcohol rehab centres, you will have to first identify the extent and nature of the problem. Given the way in which most people have widely different opinions and views when it comes to alcohol, it could be quite difficult to draw any sensible line between true alcoholism and heavy drinking.

Recent research has shown that alcohol abuse is unquestionably rife in the UK, with common intake guidelines often being completely flouted. It is far from secret that drinking alcohol in excess can be extremely harmful, though true alcoholism itself is seen as the most harmful and dangerous condition by far.

Most experts believe that the only solution to regaining control of the drinking problems of the nation lies in improving public education on the subject and generating awareness. So in terms of drinking that could become problematic, what is the exact difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency?

Alcohol Abuse

To consider alcohol abuse first, this term refers to any instance when a person consistently and routinely abuses alcohol in heavy quantities, in spite of the fact that this is having a direct negative influence on their life in general. Contrary to what many people believe, alcohol abuse is a known medical condition and when recognised it must be brought to the attention of the professionals. Despite that binge drinking is technically recognised as alcohol abuse due to the alcohol amount being consumed, alcohol abuse generally refers to routine and habitual condition on a frequent or on-going basis.

In most cases, an alcohol abuse diagnosis could be made when a person presents one or a few of the following signs:

  • Alcohol drinking habits leading to negative consequences in other personal areas of life. It could be that their professional or home life is suffering as a direct result of excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Using alcohol in a situation where it is highly dangerous to be intoxicated, being fully aware of the dangers they are putting others and themselves in. Driving after consuming alcohol being the most common example.
  • Having legal problems resulting directly from drinking alcohol and negative behaviour while intoxicated.
  • Social or interpersonal problems caused by excessive drinking, though the person in question continues consuming alcohol regardless.

Alcohol Addiction

Recognised as significantly more harmful and dangerous than alcohol abuse, alcoholism is considered a chronic disease. The exact difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction is the way those who abuse alcohol on an on-going basis might still have a relative amount of control over their actions, perhaps even being able to stop if they choose so. By contrast, people facing an alcohol addiction find it impossible to stop or to even reduce consumption without professional help. What’s more, trying to reduce alcohol consumption or quit on their own may have the potential to prove extremely dangerous or even fatal.

Alcoholism is usually diagnosed by the following symptoms and signs:

  • Needing more and more alcohol on an on-going basis in order to get intoxicated to the same level. Higher and higher tolerance is a very strong sign of alcoholism.
  • Physical or mental withdrawal symptoms during a period between drinking sessions. These symptoms may manifest in the form of insomnia, anxiety, shaking, vomiting, an elevated heartbeat, disorientation or hallucinations.
  • Drinking considerably more than intended on a frequent basis and drinking despite a decision to quit.
  • Spending the majority of your waking life either drunk or recovering from the effects of the last drinking session.
  • Focusing exclusively or primarily on alcohol drinking, while at the same time ignoring other important life aspects or cutting them off entirely.
  • Continuing to drink a harmful amount of alcohol in spite of having suffered negative physical and mental side effects and fully realising that what you are doing is damaging on many levels.

What separates alcohol dependency from alcohol abuse it the complete loss of control in spite of realising that the condition needs to be addressed. However, both conditions are very serious and have the potential to cause a number of negative effects or to be even fatal. There is no alcohol-related issue too small to bring to the attention of the professionals. By offering a little piece of advice or guidance, the professionals can often help nip a growing problem in the bud, before it has been given time to intensify.

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