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How to cheaply decorate a tiny kitchen

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How to cheaply decorate a tiny kitchen

When it comes to decorating, you are not always liable to spend a fortune on furniture and other decorations in order for your kitchen to come out as nice as possible. Moreover, it is sometimes better to cheaply decorate your kitchen, because you are not tempted to buy a lot of kitchen appliances that will eventually get to collect dust because they will not get to be used on a regular basis. By decorating your kitchen with a limited amount of money, you will for sure choose to buy only the kitchen essentials. Also, having a minimalist kitchen is better than having one where you can store a lot of things and completely forget to use some of them.


Make your kitchen greener

Be it tiny or not, every kitchen should have succulent plants because they add an extra boost of freshness to your place. Besides the fact that they look cute and are easy to grow, succulent plants are also amazing at removing toxins and cleansing the air. Also, they have the power to heal, they do not require a lot of water and can easily live anywhere, so, if you want to buy some plants for your home, consider choosing succulents. Moreover, if you want to make the flower pots look nicer, try wrapping some ribbon round the pots, because there are a lot of affordable ribbons you can choose from.


Create extra counter space

The key to having the perfect kitchen is to actually have enough space to store your non-perishable foods, such as canned goods, pasta, rice, oatmeal and other cereals, as well as peanut butter, ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, bottled water, and the list can go on. Moreover, when it comes to creating extra counter space for your kitchen, you have multiple options. For example, you can use pegboard storage, add a shelf to it and organize your jars of spices. Also, stackable baskets, cabinet organizers, packet holders, cookware racks or under shelf baskets are very useful when it comes to space-saving solutions.


Add multipurpose furnishings: a high breakfast bar

Installing a high breakfast bar is perfect for tiny kitchens because it can have multiple uses. So if you are tired of eating while standing over the kitchen sink, a high breakfast bar will for sure take care of that problem. Thus, you can use it for what it is meant for – a breakfast bar, but you can as well use it as a dinner table or as a bigger chopping board.

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Here is what you need to know before selling your home

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Here is what you need to know before selling your home


Home selling is not only a difficult process, but also a major life change. Some people get to experience this change once in their lifetime and it can prove to be quite overwhelming. However, stress will not help you to get the best offer and complete this mission successfully. For this reason, you should prepare yourself and organize everything early. Consequently, you will experience a smooth selling experience and you will not encounter difficulties during the process. One of the main factors that force home sellers to make costly mistakes is emotional attachment so you should make sure that you change your perspective on the sale. Try to acquire an objective perspective and see the transaction as a businessperson who is about to get the best price for a property. If you never handled before this type of transaction, then continue reading the article in order to find out useful information and sell home fast in Riverside.

De-personalization and listing description

First, you have to clean the house and make it crowd-pleasing. Do not keep family photos on the walls or next to the bed because no potential buyers will like to see that when visiting the property. Shortly, you must de-personalize the interior of your home. For you, it might be quite hard and strange to do it, but it will definitely be better and more appealing for the buyer because it will give him the possibility to visualize a future living in that house. After this step, you have to write a property description including square footage, lot size, the age of your house, the number of baths and other details like smart or green features that you consider impressive. Next to your useful and interesting listing description, you should add some great pictures, of the house obviously. You should definitely hire a professional photographer because he will know exactly how to make the property stand out and captivate the eye.

Research the market and determine the price

Taking into consideration that you are not an experienced real estate agent, you should undoubtedly become familiar with the local real estate market. This step is extremely useful because you will discover the best time of the year when people usually buy houses and the average price for which they buy them. Setting the price strategically is crucial for selling your property fast. Otherwise, it will stay a long time on the market and many prospective buyers will overlook its amenities.

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Questions answered about selling a car

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Questions answered about selling a car

Even though it might not be the perfect moment to sell your car, needing money is the one reason that is going to make you succeed doing so. There are not many people who know a lot about cars and this is the reason why you will need to have some questions answered before completing this task. The reasons for wanting to sell a car are various, but no matter their meaning you will have to manage selling it on time. Here’s what you will want to know about this topic:

Why do I want to sell this car?

The first question you will want to ask yourself is why do I want to sell my car? After you start reflecting on the reasons why you desire to sell your car, you will be ready to go. You need to be 100% determined that you want to get rid of your car. The reasons you are going to choose are strictly subjective, but the most widespread one needs some extra money for buying a new one. Many people give up their expensive car in order to buy a cheaper one because of the maintenance costs. If this is your case, you should know that many people prefer to buy a second-hand car rather than going for a new one because of financial matters. Whether it’s the need for obtaining money urgently or it is about buying a new car for yourself, you have to make sure you know how much money to ask for selling it.

How do I prepare for it?

Selling a car is no easy thing, especially if you don’t have some knowledge in this field. The problem with selling a car is that the whole operation implies money itself. You need to get the car fixed, cleaned and ready for being sold to another owner. If the future buyer is checking out your car and he finds out that there was no recent cleaning on the inside or outside of the car, it will be an instant turn off and you might lose your potential customer. Try investing a little in making your car look as close to its initial state when you want to sell it, because the impression it will leave and the impact it will have is much better when you do so.

What’s the condition my car is in?

You also need to be prepared to answer any kind of question that is being addressed to you. If the buyer comes and asks you some technical thinks about the car you are selling, it is paramount to know exactly the answer and not make any kind of mistakes. Don’t forget to put all the papers in order for the future buyer, because there will surely be some questions asked about this matter the moment the potential buyer is stepping into your car. Keep track of your car’s condition over the years and maintain the information regarding it up to date.


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Discover the latest features of 2017 Nissan Altima

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Discover the latest features of 2017 Nissan Altima

2017 Nissan Altima represents one of the most popular choices on the market today. Drivers appreciate the modern technology, excellent safety scores, comfortable interior and stylish appearance. Thus, if you intend to purchase this model in the future, start assessing the benefits now. It will definitely help you become familiar with the improvements and make a comparison with the previous model.

Technology features

In terms of technology, automatic climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, drive assist, push button start, rearview camera and Nissan Connect represent the main options provided by 2017 Nissan Altima. What does all of this mean? Drive assist practically involves a screen behind the steering wheel that displays useful information including turn-by-turn directions and temperatures. Speaking of turn-by-turn directions, the Nissan Connect was designed to provide maps and apps for the driver. More specifically, just by entering an address, it gives you detailed directions regarding the area in question. If the key fob is nearby, not only you can start up the vehicle with the push of a button, but you can also lock and unlock it. The rearview camera helps you examine the surroundings and reverse more confidently. The list of options goes on so you should ask for a test drive and discover the others by yourself.

Performance and styling

Performance and fuel economy represent the major interests of many drivers and 2017 Nissan Altima is one of the few vehicles in the industry that combines this benefits. Even more, it gives you the freedom to choose between two engines: a 2.5-liter 4 cylinder that offers 179 horsepower and a 3.5-liter V6 that offers 270 horsepower. Both engines guarantee power while providing fuel-efficiency. You can easily find online 2017 Nissan Altima and discover more about this topic. When it comes to styling, the vehicle is available in several striking colors: pearl white and glacier white, java metallic and gun metallic, storm blue and deep blue pearl, super black, cayenne red and brilliant silver.

Safety and comfort

Considering that 2017 Nissan Altima received a five-star rating, as a driver you have the certainty that you will benefit from maximum crash protection. Automatic braking, blind spot monitoring and backup camera are available for the ultimate driving experience. When it comes to space and comfort, up to five passengers can enjoy the interior options, including heated seats covered in quality leather. Therefore, 2017 Nissan Altima brings comfort and safety in the lives of many drivers.

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Nissan Altima – a good financial choice

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Nissan Altima – a good financial choice


Nissan is well-known for their extremely qualitative and beautiful cars that turn all the eyes on the street. Besides that, this brand is popular for their cars’ resistance in time, along with the power they are offering. Their cars are both eye-catching and reliable and you can obtain this as a reasonable price. If you do not happen to own the necessary money for a new car, second hand ones are just as qualitative. In Edmunds opinion on the 2017 Nissan Altima is a complete car that is worth buying because of its amazing features and specifications. When you are looking for a car which has it all and it is a great financial choice to make, Nissan Altima will be there to offer everything. Here are some examples of what this car can give to you:


The Nissan Altima comes with a 2.5 litre 16V engine which can go up to 179 horse power. The transmission is automatic and it has a driver selectable mode. Like most cars these days, it comes with a full front wheel drive and a 110 alternator. When it comes to the aspect of it, details make this car look incredibly luxurious: the machined aluminium wheels, the clear coat paint, the bumpers and handles matching the body colour or the light tinted glass are just a few of them. When speaking of entertainment, this car is equipped with a Sirius audio system with six speakers and an aux-in cord.


Besides its power and intelligent equipment, the Altima looks amazing on the inside. With a lot of leg space and comfortable seats, you’ll also be experiencing the real leather feel. Metallic details are there to make the car even more luxurious and expensive looking that it already is. In the Nissan Altima you will be seeing an illuminated locking glove box which will come in both handy and aesthetically pleasing at once.


A plus for the Nissan, the ESC system along with the resistant ABS with driveline traction control work as a charm together protecting you from any kind of damage resulted from an impact. You’ll also be able to see how the FEB braking system acts in case of emergency. The overall rating of the Altima in terms of safety is above 4.5 stars so the users of it should be completely relaxed.


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Challenges of 1031 exchanges you should know about

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Challenges of 1031 exchanges you should know about

You are looking to do a 1031 exchange into a Delaware Statutory Trust property. Know what? You are not the only one. More and more real estate investors opt for DST 1031 exchanges to preserve their capital. Eliminating the headaches of property management, defer paying capital gains taxes, and enhanced cash flow, are only some examples of benefits you enjoy by exchanging into a Delaware Statutory Trust.

However, you should know that using a DST services to complete is not as easy as it may seem. The procedures themselves are easy, but this does not mean that there are not challenges along the way. In this article, we will discuss about the most common issues and how you can overcome them, of course.


Challenge #1 Imposed timeframes

The Internal Revue Code rules leave no room for interpretation. You have to respect two very important timeframes when finalizing a like-kind exchange. If you do not respect the deadlines imposed by the IRC, then the 1031 exchange becomes null. Beginning with the closing of the relinquished property, you have 45 days to designate a replacement property (you can identify as many as 3) and 180 days to buy it.

What investors find most difficult to respect is the 45 deadline. Yes, finding a suitable asset is hard, but it is not impossible. If you do not have the time to search for a replacement property, have a private firm help you. What you have to remember is the fact that you have to act fast ad you need all the help you can get.

Challenge #2 The real estate property must be held for investment

Excluding a personal residence for another one is out of the question. The DST 1031 exchange is not for personal use, which means that you can only swap properties for investment purposes. The exchange property should be a property held for business use. what the IRS qualifies as personal use when it comes to real estate are houses, apartments, condominiums, and improvements relating to living accommodation.

What you can do is use your vacation home. Second homes used for rental purposes are regarded as investment properties, so they do qualify for the tax-deferred exchange. If you can meet the guidelines of the IRS, you can make the swap. So, what do you have to do? It is necessary to have owned the asset for at least 24 months prior to the exchange and have rented it for at least 14 days.

Challenge #3 Choosing a Qualified Intermediary

It is essential that you have a Qualified Intermediary. Sure, you can do things yourself, but this does not mean that you should. Go and find a Qualified Intermediary to help you with the proceedings. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a middleperson. What you need to look or in a Qualified Intermediary is real estate experience. If the person does not have expertize, they will not be to handle the difficult exchanges. Another thing to look for is funds security. To be more precise, you need to be sure that your funds are safe.

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