Medical Adhesives: Why Quality Counts

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Medical Adhesives: Why Quality Counts


It’s probably fair to say that every time a custom adhesive product is ordered and used, its intended purpose is of some degree of importance. The reason being that if it wasn’t, chances are standard generic adhesives would be good enough.  But while all custom adhesive products may be used for important purposes, custom medical adhesives are in a league of their own.

Just as is the case with all other products, anything that is designed to be used in the medical setting needs to be manufactured to an entirely different standard. Health and safety is always an issue with custom adhesives in general, but takes on a whole new level of significance when created for medical use. Up and down the country, 3M preferred tape converters are producing all manner of innovative and advanced products for use in medical environments.  Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that all are performing to the same high-quality standards.

As such, it’s important to ensure that when you decide on a custom medical adhesive manufacturer to work with, they have a proven reputation for flawless performance.  In this niche in particular, there are so many reasons why quality counts – including but not limited to the following:

Health and hygiene

First up, there is absolutely no margin for error whatsoever when it comes to health and hygiene. The reason being that these are typically the kinds of products that are used as health and safety barriers in their own right. Suffice to say, it’s hard for an adhesive product to prevent infection and promote healing if it isn’t 100% hygienic itself. It’s for this precise reason that not all custom adhesive manufacturers are capable of delivering the goods when it comes to medical adhesives. Always check whether your chosen manufacturer has sufficient experience and expertise in this specific niche.

Bonds that work

It’s also important to focus on quality to ensure that medical adhesive products provide bonds that actually work. Custom adhesive products are of little to no value to anyone if they are unable to stick in place, as and when required.  Or for that matter, stick in place in the first instance, though quickly loosen and become detached. Medical adhesive products need to be manufactured in a manner which is both secure and gentle in equal measures – getting the job done, without causing unnecessary discomfort or irritation.

Quick and easy to apply

Speaking of which, the quicker and easier it is to apply these kinds of products when needed, the better. Those who work in healthcare and medical environments rarely have a great deal of time to play with at the best of times.  As such, anything that is likely to slow them down or cause further complications isn’t something that should be brought into the equation. One of the biggest benefits of ordering and working with custom adhesive products is that they can be made to suit just about any purpose imaginable. Which in turn makes them so much easier to work with – regardless of the intended purpose.

Affordable and reliable

While affordability will always be an important factor when ordering custom adhesive products, it needs to be considered in accordance with value for money.  The simple fact of the matter is that the cheapest adhesive products on the market don’t necessarily represent the best value for money. In fact, they very rarely do.  The lowest possible prices do not necessarily translate to good value, given the way in which the products may be substandard – perhaps even unusable.  So rather than instinctively going for whichever products are cheapest, consider which present the best possible value for money.

Advice, guidance and support

Last but not least, it’s also worth thinking a little further than the actual products themselves. One of the benefits of working with an outstanding service provider is the way in which they can offer essential advice and support along the way.  Along with providing you with the best possible products, they can help ensure that the products you choose are perfectly suited to their intended purpose.  Not to mention, also bring into your attention alternative and new options that may become available from time to time. Quality products are one thing, but advanced consultancy and expert guidance can be worth its weight in gold.  Even if it means paying a slightly higher price, what you get in return really is no less than priceless.


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Discover the latest features of 2017 Nissan Altima

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Discover the latest features of 2017 Nissan Altima

2017 Nissan Altima represents one of the most popular choices on the market today. Drivers appreciate the modern technology, excellent safety scores, comfortable interior and stylish appearance. Thus, if you intend to purchase this model in the future, start assessing the benefits now. It will definitely help you become familiar with the improvements and make a comparison with the previous model.

Technology features

In terms of technology, automatic climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, drive assist, push button start, rearview camera and Nissan Connect represent the main options provided by 2017 Nissan Altima. What does all of this mean? Drive assist practically involves a screen behind the steering wheel that displays useful information including turn-by-turn directions and temperatures. Speaking of turn-by-turn directions, the Nissan Connect was designed to provide maps and apps for the driver. More specifically, just by entering an address, it gives you detailed directions regarding the area in question. If the key fob is nearby, not only you can start up the vehicle with the push of a button, but you can also lock and unlock it. The rearview camera helps you examine the surroundings and reverse more confidently. The list of options goes on so you should ask for a test drive and discover the others by yourself.

Performance and styling

Performance and fuel economy represent the major interests of many drivers and 2017 Nissan Altima is one of the few vehicles in the industry that combines this benefits. Even more, it gives you the freedom to choose between two engines: a 2.5-liter 4 cylinder that offers 179 horsepower and a 3.5-liter V6 that offers 270 horsepower. Both engines guarantee power while providing fuel-efficiency. You can easily find online 2017 Nissan Altima and discover more about this topic. When it comes to styling, the vehicle is available in several striking colors: pearl white and glacier white, java metallic and gun metallic, storm blue and deep blue pearl, super black, cayenne red and brilliant silver.

Safety and comfort

Considering that 2017 Nissan Altima received a five-star rating, as a driver you have the certainty that you will benefit from maximum crash protection. Automatic braking, blind spot monitoring and backup camera are available for the ultimate driving experience. When it comes to space and comfort, up to five passengers can enjoy the interior options, including heated seats covered in quality leather. Therefore, 2017 Nissan Altima brings comfort and safety in the lives of many drivers.

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In house or outsourced accounting services? – Which ones are the best?

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In house or outsourced accounting services? – Which ones are the best?

For ages, accounting services were managed in house by all companies, no matter how small or large. It was a tradition to have you own accounting department. But recently, the trends in this areas have changed a lot. Outsourced accounting services seem to be the new hit in the corporate world. But many are still reluctant. Fact is outsourcing this department comes with plenty of benefits than many might think. Also, there appeared reputable Singapore accounting firms, able to provide some of the most professional services of this kind. Below you will find why you should outsource this department rather than creating an in-house one.

Top quality and training in outsourced accounting services

Although all accountants have experience in the field, not all of them are able to provide top services. Especially if you manage the human resources and the hiring process yourself, you might lose sight of some important aspects when hiring in house accountants. However, with outsourced departments you can forget about the dreading process of finding and hiring proper candidates. All accounting firms do have great employees with a generous portfolio of clients and experience. Fact is outsourced accounting services provide higher levels of quality and expertise. These employees undergo continuous trainings in different accounting areas and these companies invest plenty in their human resources, which makes them highly accurate and professional. With an in house accounting department, such things are hard to accomplish.

There is a lower risk of fraud with outsourced services

Especially for large companies, there are more chances of fraud due to poorly made bookkeeping. Having one or two employees managing all this increases the chances of fraud activity, because human errors are very likely to occur due to a high workload. However, with outsourced services of this kind, there are lower chances of this kind of unfortunate situations to occur. Usually these companies have a great separation of duties; therefore, every employee is managing a different area of their work.

More efficient financial reporting with outsourced accounting

Although financial reports look differently from business to business, depending on their own specific, they all have a thing in common: overstressed and busy accountants. This is because they oftentimes manage multiple tasks at once, and the quality level of each of them decreases. This usually results in poorly made financial reports and inaccurate data. If you want to avoid such situations, it would be ideal if you would outsource the accounting department.

Outsourced accounting services are cheaper than in house accountants are

The cost of two in house accountants per year easily reaches somewhere around $ 100,000. These are a lot of money, especially for small businesses. The previously mentioned amount is without overhead costs. However, when you work with an accounting company, you don’t have to worry about overhead costs. Also, the monthly cost of an accountant from such a firm is somewhere around $ 2,000 monthly. Common sense mathematics tells us that outsourced accounting services are not only more efficient, but also more affordable than an in-house accountant.



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Will Banking Changes Really Improve Payroll Processing?

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Will Banking Changes Really Improve Payroll Processing?

In September (2016), the U.S. banking system underwent a systemic change designed to move money across electronic networks more quickly. In theory, the change affects payroll processing right along with just about every other financial transaction that occurs across computer networks. But will the change really improve payroll processing dramatically? Only time will tell.

The change in question relates to how often banks update their transactions across the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. This networkand its associated platformwere first developed in the 1970s to facilitate electronic bank transactions. Some $41 trillion moves across the network every single day, according to Bloomberg, in a manner that has proven safe, reliable, and cheap.

So what does this have to do with payroll? It’s all about speed. Prior to the change, banks only synced their records with the ACH network on a daily basis. Practically speaking, that would mean a transaction that took place at 9 AM would not be synced to the network until the close of the business day. The other entity involved in the transaction would not get notice of it until the close of the following business day, effectively requiring at least two business days to post the transaction.

Since September, banks have been required to sync their transactions three times per day. The increase in the speed of posting transactions under this new model should be obvious. That same transaction that occurred at 9 AM may be synced by the originator at noon and again by the recipient at 4 PM. The transaction would be posted on the same day it was conducted.

Payroll and Small Business Benefits the Most

The change in syncing does not mean much to large corporations transferring millions of dollars with impunity. Nor does it matter a whole lot to the banks. How often their records are updated is less important than making sure the updates are accurate. No, the real beneficiaries here are small businesses and their payroll departments.

Syncing banking transactions three times a day will benefit payroll in a couple of ways. First, companies will not have to have money in their payroll accounts for three or four days prior to issuing paychecks. A shorter window for deposits will give them more opportunity to use their cash assets for other purposes. In other words, they will not be tying up cash waiting on banks to update their records. Whether doing things in-house or through a online payroll service, companies will be able to make better use of cash.

Second, companies that still issue paper checks will be able to tell their employees that their money will be available the same day checks are issued. Workers will not have to deposit their paychecks and then wait for them to clear before accessing the money.

Beyond these two benefits, the banking change does notreally affect payroll processing in any way that would necessarily make it easier. Records still have to be kept, hours still have to be calculated, withholding and tax payments still have to be handled, and everything still has to be done accurately and in a reasonable amount of time.

In the end, requiring banks to sync three times a day will improve payroll processing by moving funds more quickly from one account to the other. But in a practical sense, the average worker is unlikely to notice any significant change. Most workers are used to their routines to the extent that they will not even think about the change unless someone goes out of his/her way to tell everyone about it. Meaning payroll will simplycontinue as usual.


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