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How to cheaply decorate a tiny kitchen

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How to cheaply decorate a tiny kitchen

When it comes to decorating, you are not always liable to spend a fortune on furniture and other decorations in order for your kitchen to come out as nice as possible. Moreover, it is sometimes better to cheaply decorate your kitchen, because you are not tempted to buy a lot of kitchen appliances that will eventually get to collect dust because they will not get to be used on a regular basis. By decorating your kitchen with a limited amount of money, you will for sure choose to buy only the kitchen essentials. Also, having a minimalist kitchen is better than having one where you can store a lot of things and completely forget to use some of them.


Make your kitchen greener

Be it tiny or not, every kitchen should have succulent plants because they add an extra boost of freshness to your place. Besides the fact that they look cute and are easy to grow, succulent plants are also amazing at removing toxins and cleansing the air. Also, they have the power to heal, they do not require a lot of water and can easily live anywhere, so, if you want to buy some plants for your home, consider choosing succulents. Moreover, if you want to make the flower pots look nicer, try wrapping some ribbon round the pots, because there are a lot of affordable ribbons you can choose from.


Create extra counter space

The key to having the perfect kitchen is to actually have enough space to store your non-perishable foods, such as canned goods, pasta, rice, oatmeal and other cereals, as well as peanut butter, ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, bottled water, and the list can go on. Moreover, when it comes to creating extra counter space for your kitchen, you have multiple options. For example, you can use pegboard storage, add a shelf to it and organize your jars of spices. Also, stackable baskets, cabinet organizers, packet holders, cookware racks or under shelf baskets are very useful when it comes to space-saving solutions.


Add multipurpose furnishings: a high breakfast bar

Installing a high breakfast bar is perfect for tiny kitchens because it can have multiple uses. So if you are tired of eating while standing over the kitchen sink, a high breakfast bar will for sure take care of that problem. Thus, you can use it for what it is meant for – a breakfast bar, but you can as well use it as a dinner table or as a bigger chopping board.

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Check the latest accessories trends

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Check the latest accessories trends

New year, new accessories. 2018 is here and you should be happy because you have the chance to make new investments when it comes to clothes, shoes, and accessories. Thus, do not waste any minute and start searching for the most fashionable types of accessories. Check it twice in order to make sure that you have included everything.


#1 Curly ribbons

If you do not believe us, check the latest trends. The curly ribbon is one the of most important choices this year, due to its great advantages: their versatility, their friendly models, their high-quality fabrics.

But the greatest dilemma is: how can you use curly ribbons? It is simpler than you imagine. These accessories can be included everywhere, starting with decorations and ending with outfits. For example, use ribbons for getting rid of that dull lamp from your living-room. Also, add some ribbons on your curtains and transform the room into a fancy space. When it comes to outfits, you can add ribbons everywhere: from your favourite skirts and dresses to your shoes and trousers.

#2 Dots… funny little dots

Designers say that 2018 is about nonconformist. So, tell us: are you ready for wearing dots in a nonconformist way? The accessories which include dots are a great choice for both girls and women without looking too childish. Also, do not forget about clothes. The polka dots dresses, for example, are going to be a great sensation this spring and summer, especially for those women who love a vintage pin-up style.

#3 Velvet is the new “must”

You cannot attend an elegant party without at least one velvet accessory. Think about those cute little velvet bracelets that can make your outfit look out of the ordinary. What is more, if you have a boyfriend and he likes accessorising his elegant suit with bows, you can ask him to go for velvet too. Matching outfits are a hot choice this year for cute couples.

#4 Tiny sunglasses – ready to impress

Despite protection, sunglasses are also some of the most attractive accessories for women. According to latest trends, micro frames are going to rock this summer. Also, you can go for neon-edged shapes because they are also a fancy choice. Be careful to match the sunglasses with the rest of the outfit. On the other hand, take into consideration that the shape of your face is that one that indicates the type of sunglasses that fit you best.

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What needs to be considered before renting a storage unit?

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What needs to be considered before renting a storage unit?


Storage units can be of great help in various situations. Perhaps your garage is overcrowded and you have no more space to keep some of your belongings, or you might be downsizing, and threes no room for all of your possessions – regardless of reason, a storage unit can come in handy. However, before renting one, you should think about a few relevant aspects, in order to make the most out of this possibility. Here are a few relevant details that need your consideration:

Think size

Selecting a suitable size is key when it comes to renting a self storage unit. While you should not select an option that is too small for your actual needs, you should be aware of the fact that choosing a large unit also means spending more money. Go for a size that can cover your storage requirements, but also fits within your financial possibilities. When it comes to size, you will come across various storage units Medicine Hat that can provide you with exactly the space you need, you just have to search for all offers available.

Location is less important

One mistake people tend to make when renting a unit is making location a decisive selection factor. Well, because you will be storing items that you probably don’t need to access that often, you can easily choose a facility that perhaps is not that close to your house. Being flexible when it comes to location will give you the chance to benefit from far better prices, so if you want affordability, you will need to compromise in this department. When you have the possibility to save some money this way, why not take advantage of it?

Indoor vs. outdoor

Another relevant detail that needs thinking through is whether to choose an indoor or an outdoor option. While the outdoor units might be less expensive, they are also less safe. Indoor options usually benefit from an increased level of security, so if you want to be certain your possessions are safe from robbery, perhaps you should go for an indoor unit.

Understand long term costs

Before actually signing a unit rental contract, make sure you understand the long term financial implications that comes with it. Request information about the monthly rent, find out what the minimum lease length is and if there are any chances for the price to either go up for down over time. Researching the fees thoroughly can prevent you from facing an unpleasant situation later on, so inform yourself properly in advance.

If you have been thinking about resorting to a storage facility, because your storage needs have exceeded the capabilities of your home and garage, you will need to think about a few important things first. The aspects mentioned above are the ones that need to be considered before the rental of a unit, and can prevent you from making the wrong choice, so try to keep them in mind when you are analyzing your options.

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Here is what you need to know before selling your home

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Here is what you need to know before selling your home


Home selling is not only a difficult process, but also a major life change. Some people get to experience this change once in their lifetime and it can prove to be quite overwhelming. However, stress will not help you to get the best offer and complete this mission successfully. For this reason, you should prepare yourself and organize everything early. Consequently, you will experience a smooth selling experience and you will not encounter difficulties during the process. One of the main factors that force home sellers to make costly mistakes is emotional attachment so you should make sure that you change your perspective on the sale. Try to acquire an objective perspective and see the transaction as a businessperson who is about to get the best price for a property. If you never handled before this type of transaction, then continue reading the article in order to find out useful information and sell home fast in Riverside.

De-personalization and listing description

First, you have to clean the house and make it crowd-pleasing. Do not keep family photos on the walls or next to the bed because no potential buyers will like to see that when visiting the property. Shortly, you must de-personalize the interior of your home. For you, it might be quite hard and strange to do it, but it will definitely be better and more appealing for the buyer because it will give him the possibility to visualize a future living in that house. After this step, you have to write a property description including square footage, lot size, the age of your house, the number of baths and other details like smart or green features that you consider impressive. Next to your useful and interesting listing description, you should add some great pictures, of the house obviously. You should definitely hire a professional photographer because he will know exactly how to make the property stand out and captivate the eye.

Research the market and determine the price

Taking into consideration that you are not an experienced real estate agent, you should undoubtedly become familiar with the local real estate market. This step is extremely useful because you will discover the best time of the year when people usually buy houses and the average price for which they buy them. Setting the price strategically is crucial for selling your property fast. Otherwise, it will stay a long time on the market and many prospective buyers will overlook its amenities.

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Mobile entertainment: killing boredom with your phone

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Mobile entertainment: killing boredom with your phone


If you walk through the city streets for no more than ten minutes, you will notice that people waiting in line for coffee, waiting at the airport for their luggage or waiting in the subway station to get home, all of them or at least, the majority are staring down into their mobile phones. This makes the time pass faster and kills boredom when being inactive. Generally, those people answer messages and e-mails, check their friends’ Facebook profiles, navigate on the internet or play a video game. Yes, technology has seen such a great evolution that you no longer need a home console or a personal computer in order to play your favorite game. You can just do it when being on the road and feeling bored. Therefore, we can safely state that mobile entertainment gained significant popularity in the last years. Nevertheless, people approach this perquisite differently, which leads us to the next paragraph, where we discuss about the effects of mobile entertainment.

Mobile entertainment – is it good or bad?

We see mobile phones everywhere, with anyone. Should this reality concern us? Does mobile entertainment kill creativity and face-to-face communication between individuals? Some may answer “yes” and others “no” because people have mixed opinions regarding this subject. The correct answer probably lies somewhere in the middle. Mobile entertainment is harmful only if you exaggerate in this regard meaning that you prefer your phone to human contact, which practically translates into an addiction. On the other hand, if you use it moderately meaning that you only resort to it when you are alone and you cannot find other method that could help you get rid of boredom then it should not harm your creativity. Regardless of their effect on society, the truth is that mobile phones hold great importance and people will keep using them, moderately or excessively, for gaining knowledge in certain fields and broaden their horizons or for entertainment purposes, which refers to visiting social platforms or even online bingo sites.

Using your phone to kill time productively

How you ever thought about creating a projector by just using your phone? Well, you do need other items such as a box, duct tape, a magnifying glass and black paint, but your phone represents the most important one. You can watch the latest controversial movie while sitting comfortably in your own bed. Of course, you also need that quality sound meaning that you should connect those speakers lying around to your phone and watch the magic occur. The second way that you can use your phone productively is to explore different apps that could help you track your meals and improve your nutrition or manage your time more effectively. Mobile phones are packed with useful apps that sometime people ignore just because they prefer being on social media. The third method that mobiles phones provide great use is by allowing you to brainstorm freely. Like any other person, you have moments when you get bored and various thoughts invade your mind. Well, improve your creativity by using a drawing app or a text editor in order to bring your ideas to life.

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